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Design - Steampunk Goggles C00L YELLOW Tint Antique Aviator Vintage - VjD7f5Nt
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Design - Steampunk Goggles C00L YELLOW Tint Antique Aviator Vintage - VjD7f5Nt

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Model : VjD7f5Nt
❚❚ ON SALE ❚❚ Steampunk Goggles COOL YELLOW TINT Antique Aviator Vintage AMERICAN OPTICAL Driving Glasses Burning Man Leather Side Shields Near Mint 100 Year Old LEATHER Adorned Steam Punk Glasses 1800s Spectacles Style - Steam Punk by edmdesigns UNIQUE DESIGNS IN STEAMPUNK INDUSTRIAL JEWELRY You can see ALL of our AMAZING GOGGLES and SPECTACLES: http://shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5405892 Steampunk Goggles - Steampunk Jewelry and Accessories by edmdesigns DESCRIPTION: Here is a really gorgeous pair of authentic antique Steampunk driving goggles created by AMERICAN OPTICAL. American Optical was, of course, one of the three pillars of American eyeglass manufacturing, including Willson and Bausch & Lomb, though others, like Welsh, certainly challenged the big three in terms of quality and design. But with American Optical, you know you are wearing the zenith of antique driving and safety goggles. It is unfortunate that this company is no longer around, but luckily you have an opportunity to revel in the nostalgia of this defining moment in American manufacturing. This beautiful pair features s truly yellow tint, with a wonderfully contrasting walnut brown leather side shields and leather wrap on the nose bridge. Plus the arms on this pair are about as nice as youre ever likely to find. Strong, straight shiny chrome going about half way back before transitioning into a matching walnut brown vinyl coating that is permanently adhered to the earpieces, so nothing to slide around or collect dirt underneath like typical vinyl coatings. The earpieces are stiff, but springy, so they adapt easily and comfortably, and the ends of the earpieces abruptly turn downward so the ends of the earpieces dont poke annoyingly into the backs of your ears. This pair is genuinely old, from the early part of the 20th century, when the popularity of the automobile was really taking off, but those early cars often had an open cabin with only a small windshield for protection, even some of those gorgeous, expensive old roadsters. So any self-respecting automobile enthusiast HAD to have a dapper pair of driving goggles, or you simply wouldnt be able to go out of the house! This gorgeous pair of American Optical driving glasses would let people know that you were at the top of your game, with money and style to spare. If youre into Steampunk, then these goggles are the absolute JACKPOT. I look at these goggles and a shiver of pleasure passes through my entire body. And the condition is to be envied. Of course, we have provided removable double magnifier loupes for an over-the-top Steampunk look. Some people choose to attach the magnifying loupes PERMANENTLY - but well leave this UP TO YOU. CONDITION: LENSES: First and foremost, it should be noted that these lenses are NOT glass, but are modern plexiglass/acrylic replacements. Like so many prescription glasses being sold today, they give you the option of glass or acrylic, and 95% choose the acrylic because they are so much lighter than glass lenses and they are as effective and last as long as their glass equivalents. The lenses chosen for this pair were created from 1/4 inch thick, durable, high quality acrylic that are as tough as the incredibly strong, top of the line antique frames from AMERICAN OPTICAL. That being said, these lenses are in spectacular condition. With the naked eye, these lenses are as PERFECT as any Ive seen. Under a magnifying glass, I found a couple of tiny specks on the left lens and a small amount of some very light scuffs near the left edge. Also, on the INSIDE of the left lens, there is a small scuff mark right next to the hinge. It is so unnoticeable that I had to come back and add this information because I missed it and when the leather side shield is behind this spot I didnt see it and almost scarfed it entirely. On the right lens I really couldnt find anything. They looked perfect - even WITH a magnifying glass, which is almost impossible. With a magnifying glass you can find flaws on ANY pair of lenses. Next Ill have to start bringing out a MICROSCOPE! Anyway, these are really silky smooth and seductively inviting. FRAMES: These frames are typical of the outstanding quality that we have come to expect from American Optical. They have a smooth, even amount of moderate wear, with a subdued silver glow that is very pleasing to the eye. These frames have absolutely no structural flaws, corrosion, pitting, rust or discoloration anywhere. They are extremely strong and very well designed. They have an upper bridge piece and instead of nose pads, these are designed with a nose bridge that also serves as the nose rest, without the risk of having nose pads to break. These rest very comfortably on the face, and they are padded with the leather that covers the bridge, making them even more comfortable and durable. You can even remove the center piece of leather for a different look to keep people

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