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Discount Sale - Steampunk Goggles Vintage WILLSON Glasses GREEN Tint LEATHER - qs5ldqcO
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Discount Sale - Steampunk Goggles Vintage WILLSON Glasses GREEN Tint LEATHER - qs5ldqcO

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❚❚ ON SALE ❚❚ Steampunk Goggles -Vintage WILLSON Steam Punk Goggles Glasses with Antique GREEN TINTED GLASS and RICH BROWN LEATHER SIDE SHIELDS with 2 MAGNIFIER LOUPES - GORGEOUS - Steampunk Jewelry by edmdesigns UNIQUE DESIGNS IN STEAMPUNK INDUSTRIAL JEWELRY Steampunk Goggles - Steampunk Jewelry and Accessories by edmdesigns You can see ALL of our AMAZING GOGGLES and SPECTACLES here: shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5405892 DESCRIPTION: This is a fantastic pair of vintage Steampunk goggles created by WILLSON. True antique driving goggles. This pair features green tinted lenses and rich, brown leather side shields and leather covering the bridge with a snap closure. We have provided removable double magnifier loupes for an over-the-top Steampunk look. Some people choose to attach the magnifying loupes PERMANENTLY - but well leave this UP TO YOU. Willson created some of the finest quality antique driving goggles ever made, as evidenced by the rock-solid frames, thick impenetrable glass and gorgeously tanned leather. This pair really has exquisite good looks that will be the perfect compliment to your Steampunk wardrobe. LEAD PHOTO: Many Thanks to the team who shared our visions & arranged the photo shoots, styling, makeup, etc for these amazing photos and stunning models: Photographer: Vanessa Gulley - Vanessa Von Rogue Model: Sarah Bailey Hair: Dee Lanee Makeup: Megan Logsdon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CONDITION: LENSES: Wow, these lenses are nice. One lens is nearly perfect, while examining with a MAGNIFYING GLASS, I found just a couple of tiny, hairline surface scuffs and a few little specks. When looking with the naked eye, I cant see a single flaw, they are so smooth and perfect that it looks like the glass is still liquid - nice. The other lens has an area near the hinge that has five small nicks and a small, two millimeter scratch. There are also four other tiny, two millimeter scratches in other random places and there is more general surface wear compared to the other lens, but all told that is pretty much the culmination of flaws, which is far less than the pair of glasses Im wearing right now. The other thing that should be mentioned is that these fabulous lenses are a lighter green than you typically find with these goggles, which is gorgeous and also allows you to wear these goggles in a lot more environments than the more common dark green lenses. This shade of green is far less common, and it is extremely difficult to find these lenses in even moderately good condition. So this is a really rare find that results in a visually stunning and extremely versatile pair of goggles. Grab em up before theyre gone! FRAMES: The frames are what I would call perfection! They are literally like new. Might there be a scuff or two here or there? Sure, but these goggles are almost one hundred years old, and overall these frames look like they just came off the shelf. Also, they are structurally perfect, with no pitting, discoloration, tarnish - just the original gleaming silver. Again, nothing to detract from the original beauty and quality of these fine frames. A rare bird indeed. SIDE SHIELDS: Okay, heres the deal: the leather side shields and the leather covering the nose bridge is, unbelievably, like brand new. Seriously, it is stiff and strong as though this pair were just made, but not stiff and dry and cracking. Its stiff like it hasnt been broken-in. It still feels very pliable, and the only creases are the same creases that a new pair would have from being in the box. These side shields have brass rivets where they are attached to the frames and they are perforated for breath-ability. They are also embossed with the Willson name and the good ol Made In U.S.A. Im not sure how tanning is done, but as with every pair of leather side shields Ive ever handled, one side is slightly thicker than the other, but both are unreal. I couldnt find a single flaw in the left side shield, the right, or the center nose bridge piece. For this reason alone, this pair of goggles is very special. EARPIECES - ARMS: The earpieces are in excellent condition. They are straight, extremely strong, and have a CLEAR protective coating (not white) for added comfort and durability. The clear coating does show some of the dirt/dust accumulation of the past hundred years underneath. Thats to be expected. When they fold out, the hinges are tight and hold the arms in place. The tips of the earpieces show a coiled ear wire that is clean and brand new looking, with a bead of metal at the end to keep the protective coating from sliding off the ends of the earpieces. A true testament to quality construction. MEASUREMENTS: The goggles measure approximately 5-1/2 inches (140mm) wide from hinge-to-hinge and the lenses measure approximately 2-1/4 inches (54mm) high, including the frames - please consider the dimensions when selecting any pair of goggles, and if

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